Voltammetry Cell

By using this cell, researchers can run experiments free from gasificationed steam. Also, researchers can get rid of influence of oxygen in the cell by bubbling nitrogen gas. This cell can be utilized with CS-3A Cell Stand. This feature is well suited for measurements of ultraweak current.

Sample volume: 5-10 mL

Catalog No. Description Teflon cap for SVC-3
012669 SVC-3 Voltammetry cell
001056 Sample vial (20 ml) 7 pcs
002233 Platinum counter electrode 5 cm
012671 Teflon cap for SVC-3
010537 Purging tube
Working electrode and reference electrode are sold separately. Each component could be purchased separately. For acquisition separately, the sample vial of 20 mL is composed for 10 pieces.

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