The corrosion measuring cell KMZ3 is a triple electrode non-water-jacketed cell for standard electrochemical measurements.

The application fields mainly are:

  • Corrosion test
  • Electrochemcial research
  • Metallography
  • Quality Assurance
  • Biotechnology
  • Microelectronics

The measuring cell has different cell tops with standard taper joints (NS) for the insertion of the working and the counter electrodes, as well as the intermediate vessel with reference electrode and liquid junction tube including a “Haber Luggin capilary”. All electrodes have glass bodies with standard tapers. The cell features a user-friendly handling and a wide range of applications.

KMZ3 comes with: specimen holder (WE), counter electrode, reference electrode (Calomel), liquid junction tube, intermediate vessel, gas in- and outlet.

The following options are available: reference electrode (Ag/AgCl), thermometer, glass stirrer.

Cell container glass, max. 130 mm in diameter
Capacity max. 500 ml
Cell top about 120 mm in diameter
Operating temperature max. 50 °C
Specimen holder PP, NS-29
Counter electrode NS-24, platinum sheet 4 cm2
Gas in- and outlet glass pipe, NS-14.5
Reference electrode KE 10 / NSK 7 (Calomel. 60 °C)
Liquid junction tube 2 parts, NS-19 / NS-17, w. Haber Luggin capillary sleeve junctions
Intermediate vessel plass, NS-29 / 2 x NS-7
Materials PVC, PP, glass

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